So, how did this begin?




The beginning of this story is not tragic, or comical. It is rather ordinary, like me...

There's nothing especially unique about me. I'm just another girl  who was asked by her instagram followers and friends to make a blog, specifically a place they could go to find the information I'm constantly spilling. 

I've always been inquisitive. I was the child who asked "Why?" to Every. Single. Thing. While most children outgrow this, I did not. I'm certain that my parents and teachers found this to be one of my most obnoxious traits. I've been answered with "because I said so," "because, it is" or, my favorite, "because that's how we do it here"  more often than my questions actually being answered. As an adult I find these answers appalling. But, what i find more difficult to understand is how few people care to know "why?", whatever their "why?" might be. My hope is lead you back to asking questions. I want to provide you solid information, but I don't intend on interpreting it for you. I aim to inspire thought and reopen your mind to learning. Maybe your questions will lead you to more questions; I certainly hope they do. 

My questions are never ceasing. I want to understand everything, although that's not possible for me, I do not lack in the desire. About a year ago, May 2016, I committed myself to one year of a workout plan called sweat with kayla, or BBG. I originally started it in the pursuit of the most fit version of myself. Like nearly every other person interested in fitness my motivation was fueled by vanity, to look good and have abs. July of 2016 I made an instagram account to hold myself (wait for it) accountable (I can't help it, I love dad jokes.) This account led me to a community of thousands of other women doing the same workouts and opened the door to a network of people, all in pursuit of the same thing: the best version of themselves, through a variety of means. What started as a fitness account soon morphed into an account focused on health. When I quit my job as an ICU nurse in December and, while figuring out what job I would take on next, I dove into research about nutrition and gut health. The more I read, the more questions I had, and the deeper into the rabbit hole I fell. I soon was overwhelmed with the need to share this information. Information that could potential save lives, and keep people healthy enough to enjoy them.

My ICU nursing experience lead me to this moment: Prevention. If we could focus on promoting wellness we could effectively prevent illnesses. I would no longer be holding the hand of the patient dying from a preventable disease. Instead I have decided to be a voice in prevention.

What if I told you you have the power to change the trajectory of your life. Would you do it? With every choice you make you are promoting wellness or provoking illness. The decisions you make on a day to day basis will echo throughout your life. You are only one decision away from a totally different life.